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Customised web and mobile applications

Web and mobile applications

Do you still find yourself sending Excel spreadsheets by email? Or using Google docs for data that should be better secured? We can help to improve your business processes. We can create web applications with secure access, online forms, tables and PDF reports for you. These can be customised CRM solutions, inventory applications or other database systems.

Geospatial web applications

Where is it right now? How far is it? How many customers are nearby? Those are just a few example questions, which can be answered by using spatial analysis. Do you use Google maps to answer your business questions? Let us help. We can create your own mapping web application, where your data is private, updated and available to you, your colleagues or your customers.

Projects and consultations

Perhaps you just need to analyse some data, get the latest satellite imagery, analyse solar power potential for real estate projects, Find out current land cover in your area of interest, or estimate risk for your insurance business. We are happy to work on one-off projects. The initial consultation is free of course. We would first tell you what is achievable, what data is publically available, scope the work, the price and see if we can work together.

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